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I was standing in the to be checked out. I had been waiting for a few minutes.

After the cashier checked out help the customer in front of me. I walked up to registered and the cashier proceeded to tell me that the other cashier would be helping. Then she walked away to help the customers other who had just walked in.

Mind you I had been waiting to be checked out for awhile. This happened at the new Cedar Park location, October 20,2017 at or around 1:50pm.

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Everyone who works there does a little bit of everything, the managers ask us to do certain things and we have to get to them, front of store is priority, I'm sure they sent another cashier your way ASAP, it doesn't matter who rings you up as long as it gets done, its not that deep, don't get all sensitive.


Why does it matter which cashier rings you up??? She had to go help other customers. She wasn't being rude, she was doing her job!


The managerat Clermont Landings FL would not accept a coupon mt daughter sent me or retail me not coupon with a bar code that their corporate office reo said they are supposed to accept. Bath and Body lost my usiness after wasting Almost an hour having to call their corporate offices.

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