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I went to Bath & Body works yesterday to use my mailed coupon for aromatherapy. While there, I was standing close to the wash station looking at the foam soaps.

I noticed a worker with about 6 bottles of wash items (variety of them). Curious, I thought she dropped them into the sink to maybe line them up with other already hand soaps at the station. (Maybe I'll use one once she's done). Nope, she opened all of them, squeezed them all out!

(Shocked) I asked her why? She explained the bottles were broken so they have to just empty them and cannot be sold. My disbelief, she left to the back room, but forgot to take an emptied bottle. I ask if I could have the empty/broken bottle (which I couldn't see it broken at all).

She also said that they as employees couldn't buy them either, or even at a discount. I wanted the emptied bottle because another reason I went to their store is I know they sell foam hand soaps so I initially also went to buy one and reuse the container. I checked out because they were closing in 5 minutes. 2 aromathetapy lotions, 1 foaming hand soap, 3 mini body wash (and the empty "broken" foaming container- didn't buy that & they were going to throw it in the trash anyhow).

I didn't try to contact their store, I did however wanted to see if they had a complaint line, they only have their customer care line (which didn't work) only other option is a mailing address. After I checked out & was on my way out the door, I looked (which you can't miss the wash station from any direction of exiting the store) and you guessed it, she brought more bottles of "broken" bottles and emptying them out. I couldn't take it, left highly disappointed, now knowing someone in corporate calling the shots like empty these bottles and no one can reuse/buy them. 1) what a waste of product, 2) if this store does this & knowing maybe all other 1,600+ stores doing this too(?), 3) I'm a recycler so they're just throwing all the emptied bottles in regular trash, and the list goes on.

Well I get home, washed my emptied broken bottle & it's not in the slightest broken as she claimed. However, I did notice there isn't a front label but to my story the whole packaging is in tack not broken in the slightest plus the ingredient label is there. And all the other bottles she emptied had their labels on them.

If they're worried about opened containers or contamination, i guarantee you their packaging isn't like the rest of the stores out there, where they have sealed tops or shrink wrapping. It's just plain wasteful, not money smart, and not at all close to being environmentally aware, etc.

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This is regular procedure for MANY retailers. I've worked at HUGE retailers who will throw away items if they had been used by customers & returned.

They never allowed us employees to keep any of the items because our managers said the company considers that "theft". I almost cried every day when I saw SO many perfume bottles still full of perfume! And tons of new makeup just thrown into the trash. I've also worked at MANY grocery stores who do this too.

They prefer to throw away food that has a "best buy" date (means not expired yet) instead of having the employees take the foods home for themselves cause they consider this theft. This is why people actually dumpster dive. If you dumpster dive at HUGE retailers like Jc penny, Macy's or Nordstrom, you'll get a LOT of good items that are practically brand new.

We would throw away expensive perfumes that customers had only sprayed once or twice! Such a sad, sad waste!

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