I was just at your store in Southgatr Plaza in West Seneca, NY. An employee named Elaine was cashing me out.

I had a coupon code for $10 off a $30 purchase. My purchase was more than twice that amount. I have Elaine my code and she informed me that it was for online only. I was so embarrassed, I said I would try and find an in store coupon on my phone and she rudely said "we don't actually have any coupons out right now but that's fine, you can look for nothing." I had had similar codes before and employees have kindly given me the discount, even if I forgot my coupon at home.

I am on the mailing list and get coupons all the time. I could not find a coupon so I went to leave and Elaine shouted to me "so are these items just getting out back then!?" I said "yes" and she sarcastically said "okaaaay theeeen." I felt she was so rude, causing a scene because she would not accept my coupon. I understand it may have been an online offer but to embarrass me in the store like that?!

I could not afford the gifts without the coupon. Elaine was the first rude and negative experience I have ever had at that store location.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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