Had candle burning in bathroom for 2 1/2 hours - smoke alarm went off. I went into bathroom to find candle engulfed in 6 inch flames.

Doused with water to put out but that made the candle explode and flames burst to about 5 feet high. Hot wax burst everywhere which caused 2nd degree burns on my left hand and more minor burns on my right hand, stomach, face and neck.

Bathroom cabinet damaged in two spots and wax all over floor counter and mirror and smoke stains on ceiling and walls. It was a 3 wick Lavendar Chamomile Candle in blue glass and was in one of their metal decorative sleeves.

Monetary Loss: $200.

  • exploding candle
  • defective candle
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All I see is pure stupidity. Do not leave candles unattended for starters, this is something you should know as a child.

Two, why are throwing WATER on an OIL candle?

Next time be smart.

Lewisville, Texas, United States #1341356

Next time, remember we've all been told NOT TO PUT WATER ON OIL FLAMES! You should have cut your wicks before each burn, and extinguish the flame with the lid.


The same thing happened to me. I was burning a candle in my bedroom, not even close to water or temperature changes.

It was a new candle with shorter wicks.

It was burning for maybe an hour before I heard a whooshing sound and it was completely engulfed in flames. The wicks hadn't burned down at all and all the wax in the candle was liquid but none of it had burned off it was still there.

I put a pan over it and tossed the thing onto the pavement outside my apartment.

Now my apartment smells like chemicals, burning, and fireside marshmallow...

Port Washington, New York, United States #1261894

candle is not supposed to be used after wax is only 1/2" high

New Jersey, United States #1122756

My daughter lit the 3 wick candle in the bathroom, and took a shower. We thought she put out the candle when we smelled smoke.

We opened the door to find the candle engulfed in flames. I covered it with a metal pan let it cool and put it outside.

We've hand no problem with this candle before.

Why would it burst into flames? I've never seen a candle do this.


So most of this happened because you're an ***. Sue the scholl system.

to Anonymous #1396856

Haha ! Why don’t u sue the SCHOOL system lol or as u say scholl system


So...What's the problem?


You're not supposed to douse flames with water. And never leave a candle unattended

Manassas, Virginia, United States #813392

... Fire extinguishers have chemicals to cool flames.

You basically doused hot glass In cold and that is why it exploded..

That's basic safety hazard rules. You never should drastically change a glasses temperature.

to Anonymous #1348889

her candle still burst into flames dude


A B&BW candle just exploded and burnt my a huge circle on my kitchen countertop- goodbye security deposit. So annoyed...

to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #757975

No candle should be burnt for 2 1/2 hours nor should it be left unattended, when lit. Thats just plain common sense.

to Use your noggins #792248

Candles state on the bottom do not burn more than 3-4 hours at a time. Should not leave unattended but 2 1/2 hours is Not too long.

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