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I was returning some things, due to allergies on my husband's part and then a few that caused instant migraine for me. I returned a gift set that was I think Honolulu Sun (not sure if this is the complete correct name,) but when I did, the manager accused me of stealing! She accused me in front of the entire crowded store, she was very loud, demanding and rude. She said the gift set had a sanitizer in there too,I went round with her, only to... Read more

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Beware they might over charge you when buying something from them. I went to their store to make a purchase when I ran my card the first time it declined so I slide it again and it did go through. I checked my bank account later on that day and I realized that I had been charged twice the same amount. I called my bank to verified since it still read pending and they informed me that I was charged twice. I called the corporate office on Monday... Read more

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Discontinued products are the WORST! You get us hooked on a scent we love, then discontinue it. You loose regular customers that way as nothing will replace the scent we love. What is wrong with you and your marketers to think that discontinuing scents is the way to go? I HATE IT. When will you retain the products that people buy and get hooked on? I have quit going to your since you did this and will not shop there again until this policy... Read more

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Hi I see u bringing back certain lotion from the 90 what about creamy coconut Breathe Energy and coconut lime verbena Add comment

If you live in hot climate, these scentportables will melt onto your seat and leave a stain! I live in Southern California and it's not even that hot most of the time! I tried to get rid of the stain with different seat cleaners but it won't go away. The stain is very dark and noticeable. I JUST BOUGHT THIS CAR!!! I am going to try to get a deep cleaning. My friend also had a scentportable that melted her dashboard! It looked like her dashboard... Read more

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Can't return a gift lost my receipt. Add comment

I have a wallflower that I purchased within the last 6 months and stopped warming. I did watch when the refills were empty and was careful on replacing them but it just will not warm up. And I have another wallflower that the refill will not twist on properly. It goes so far and then just drops off. I love the wallflowers and was disappointed when this happened. Each time I replaced the scent I was sure to unplug until I had a new one to... Read more

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I recently purchased a new vehicle & wanted to put a special smell in my new car so I purchased one of Bath & Body car inscents, looked on my dash today and some of the liquid came out it has now affected my dash paint! And I am pissed! Never again will I purchase another! So buyer's beware Add comment

It would be nice to reward a loyal customer by bringing back a fragrance that I bought for many years. I purchased NIGHT BLOOMING JASMINE from the time it was introduced in your store until YOU decided to take it away without thinking about those who were always loyal to you. You could at least make it available on line since you decided to take it off your shelves. I not only purchased it for myself--but also for many people who always asked... Read more

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Bath and Body Works have changed their Wallflowers and they now suck!! The wicks turn brown half way through the bulb and they have horribly poor throw quality. I'm done!!! No more Wallflowers for this chick. I'm going with Yankee Candle Company and Febreeze. Add comment

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